Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ali Azmat & Fariha Khan Wedding Photos

As you probably already know, Ali Azmat got hitched over the weekend to a lady who goes by the name of “Fariha Khan” whom he had been dating for a while. The first thing that you get to hear on news such a big is “Pictures or didn’t happen” and so here are some of the pictures from the wedding ceremony. The post will be updated with more and better quality images as we get hold of them.

10th Lux Style Awards 2011, Music Winners


This year’s Lux Style Awards were held last night at the Expo Center in Karachi. Besides television and fashion, there were some music categories too. This year some musicians even ventured into acting like Fawad Afzal Khan of EP who was nominated for the drama serial Dastaan, in which he played the character of Hassan, but did not win.
Guitarist, composer and music producer Shallum Xavier and singer Zara Madani won the Singer of the Year award for their song ‘Payam‘. Director Bilal Lashari won the Best Music Video Director award for EP’s music video Shor Macha.

Lux Style Awards 2011

KARACHI: The Lux Style Awards (LSAs) celebrating their 10th anniversary this year, are being held at the Expo Center in Karachi tonight.
The LSAs have grown strength by strength over the years becoming one of the most hyped up social events on the calendar, with shows being held abroad as well, including Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates.
The show boasts of 10 categories in fashion nominations depicting the industry’s growth with nominees that were a heady mix of the old guard as well as the young. Besides fashion, other categories included film, television and the entertainment industry.
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